Regarding ‘Politically Correct’, ‘Citizens United’ and other freedom suppression movements

By Naomi Fisher

I am frightened at the volume of attacks on our Freedom. One of the great things about our Country has been our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom to Read whatever we choose, and Freedom to be Friends with whomever!

Let’s start with Books: Are you aware that “To Kill A Mockingbird” is under attack and has been for quite awhile? This book has been touted as one of the greatest classics of all times. Yet it, and other “Classic” books are being attacked as dangerous because of the violence due to bigotry.
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But that violence due to bigotry is FACT– a dishonorable fact of our Nation’s history. Something those of us with intelligence admit with shame! But, by dismissing that history and hiding a very real problem how are our young people going to recognize bigotry and make a concerted effort to correct it if they do not know the ultimate conclusion of such a twisted belief? You see, books tell history. Books explain how far something can progress if it is not stopped.
Speech: We are being told by members of several movements what we may say or not say.

We are being told what is “Politically Correct or unacceptable” as a standard for our whole Nation regardless of whether we feel it is moral or logical; told who we have to respect and also to think as they do. And all this from a small rabble rousing minority bent on destroying most if not all of our great Freedoms. They do not care whether we, The People, agree with them or not. It is apparent their whole agenda is to destroy our Constitution!

Songs and movies: We are being told which ones are bad for us. Some of them are Classics and all time National favorites. Rudolph The Red Nosed Raindeer. Huh, “Rudolph?! That movie very carefully describes bullying. How are our young people going to learn to stand up for themselves unless they recognize bullying is wrong and they should NOT run away from it? Bambi. Yes, that movie shows the horror of losing a parent but it also shows that the child survives and grows into a responsible adult. Something every child who loses a parent can certainly identify with and learn from.

Colors: I shall not name the amount of times I have been approached by a member of someone from the LGBT community for wearing purple. You see, purple is supposed to be only for that community. Those encounters were embarrassing for them, not me. After all, I would not consider such a stupid notion as telling them that blue, pink and green are only for straight people. They are free to wear whatever they choose just as I maintain the right to wear whatever color I choose, whenever I chose. Now that is Freedom.

See where this is headed? Sound familiar to history buffs? The banning and burning of books – our freedoms being attacked one by one? We are fast approaching where Germany was when Hitler was rising to the top of Nazi Germany. Or Russia under Stalin’s dictatorship. I’m not exaggerating. Read your history. It’s right there on the internet – that is until it is wiped off the internet because it is too damaging to our supposedly fragile egos and to National History.

Next those “concerned” suppression members are going to insist everyone has to be blondes. No, that’s been done. What comes next? We have to dye our hair purple with green spots to belong?

We have to salute when a top ranking suppressionist approaches? Throw out an arm? Goose Step? No, countries have already used that. I know. We’ll simply have to stick out a leg, jiggle that foot while we hop on the other foot. Most certainly that’s what will be demanded.

Yes, that’s far fetched. But not very. It simply illustrates how stupid and ignorant this movement is and points to it’s ultimate conclusion – destroy U.S. individual Freedoms.

Charles Shultz was aware of what was happening when he wrote, “The Gospel According To Peanuts”. In there Linus and Snoopy tussle over possession of Linus’ blanket. Then a battle worn Linus sits with his thumb in his mouth, his blanket against the side of his face and says, “Freedom must…be won and re-won”. Amen Charles Shultz. (For those non-religious, Amen simply means, “So be it”. So you, yes you, are free to use it.)

People, we need a National movement. Not groups in New York or Los Angeles or wherever. But all individual groups banning together, across the Nation, AS ONE, and saying, “Enough!” It’s easy to do folks. The internet is a tool right there waiting for someone to start organizing as a unit to retain our rights. (Unfortunately I’m championing another movement affecting my home so unable to help on this one.)

But, please, someone, pick up the torch and start moving. Don’t wait. It’s almost too late!

Below are links and quotes of a mere few of movements:
Doug Casey on the “Politically Correct” Movement
By Doug Casey, Casey Research, September 10, 2018
“…talk about why the “politically correct” or “PC” movement is destroying America….”

“…these PC types want to legislate that people have to treat the psychologically aberrated as if they were normal. They want laws and punishments governing what you can and can’t do and say and even feel. They want to force you to respect, and pay for, the fantasies of a minority. And change—overturn actually—the whole social culture of the country. It’s a very disturbing trend. It’s likely to end in violence….”

Pearl Korn, Contributor, Advocate for Expanded and Improved Medicare For All
The Movement Against Citizens United Continues to Build
03/05/2012 11:28 am ET Updated May 05, 2012
“Democracy in America has been brought to its knees over the past two years, ever since the Supreme Court handed control of our political process over to a horde of thugs in three-piece suits. The Citizens United decision bestowed the status of “personhood” on corporations and endowed them with the right of free speech through their ability to raise unlimited money to influence campaigns for public office….”

The Movement Against Citizens United Continues to Build
Posted on March 9 2012 by oskebuckley, orig The Huffington Post by Pearl Korn
“The new weapons of mass destruction …amounts of money poured into super PACs by special interests and corporations in order to buy off members of Congress, seize the reins in Washington and take over our country….”

LAND OF THE FREE The case against free speech for fascists
By Noah Berlatsky, August 15, 2017
“The American Civil Liberties Union has a long history of defending neo-Nazis’….”

Lawsuit Against Greenpeace Raises Freedom of Speech Concerns
Suits Increasingly Used to Hamper Environmental Activism, Matthew Parsons

Prior Coordinator, Health and Human Rights | Environment and Human Rights Division
“…UN expert raised particular concerns about…the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), as a vehicle for abusive SLAPP suits. This is because RICO allows corporations to label advocacy groups as “criminal enterprises” and claim enormous amounts in damages….”

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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