Truth Matters but Not in the Press



By?Sigrid Weidenweber

Does anyone in the wide expanse of America still belief in the truthful reporting of facts by the media? Anyone answering in the affirmative has received a progressive education beginning in first grade, continuing through college. The rest of us, still able to check facts and compare them with other sources than the mainstream media, know better. We also remember things. For example, we remember the cases of manufactured reports by the journalistic elites. They seem to be people, so steeped in hatred against another view that it leads them to make up facts meant to damage or destroy the object of their ire. One remembers Sally Kohn on CNN falsifying the arrest record for white men. There is Lamont Hill stating boldly, “Every 28 hours a black man is shot by a cop.” There is NBCs Brian Williams, who lied about his Iraq experience. We remember Lara Logan, lying about a contractor’s experience in Benghazi. I could go on and on…

If someone does such a terrible thing in one’s private life, God help him or her, but it will only affect a few people. If, however, you are one of Germany’s most highly regarded journalists with 10 coveted awards to your name, and writing for Germany’s best-selling, left-leaning magazine Der Spiegel (the mirror), and you manufacture truth and facts, then your false, base reporting is poisoning the minds of millions. As Der Spiegel is widely read in Europe, the EU has an enormous journalistic scandal on their hands. This, in the person of one Claas Relotius, a Trump-hating, highly awarded journalist. It seems Relotius took it upon himself to invent dialogues, scenarios, orphanages, Guantanamo inmates, and the words of American citizens in Fergus Falls, whom he portrayed as bigoted, racist Trump supporters. The latter victims of his inventive mind had complained about what they described as “numerous inaccuracies.” However, their objections became only public a year after publication of Relotius’s article In a Small Town.

I began writing this post on Friday December 21, 2018 and found on December 24, 2018 a follow-up by Bojan Pancevsky and Sara Germano. The reporting-duo uncovered that, not content with falsifying his reports, the sociopathic Claas Relotius asked in e-mails for donations to his Syrian children’s charity. A charity that was also a figment of his fertile imagination. Spiegel’s investigation uncovered that all moneys donated to this charity went to his private bank account and none of the children profited from the donations. Relotius was so clever that even Der Spiegel reported on the charity, lending it legitimacy.

At this juncture one has to ask the big question how was it possible for Claas Relotius, the seven-year-top reporter for Der Spiegel, the winner of 10 highly desired awards, the one sent all over the world for his amazing reporting, to deceive the entire editorial board and management staff for seven years in a magazine supposedly vested in seeking truth? How could it be that for seven years no one in this world- class magazine checked any of Relotius’ facts or sources? No one ever doubted for a moment that the man could be other than a wonderful reporter. Why was the editorial staff so myopic one asks? Well, one might suggest that management and the staff was deliriously happy with heavily left-flavored reports—for his bias—is their bias. Bias so deep, as to suspend reality.

Our next question must be, “how is it possible that the media and the press has become so perverse that facts are not only distorted and covered up by omission but outright manufactured? Here are some thoughts to illuminate the sad state of our Western civilization. The moment the West purged biblical laws and tenets from its social fabric, substituting the oversight of man by a supreme being with the fallible wisdom of human judges, immutable tenets, values and an understanding of dishonor vanished. Our new understanding of man insisted on the eradication of shame and guilt, for it could damage the fragile egos of the new man and woman. Is it then any wonder that our new journalists allow their sociopathic inclinations to flourish? And what about the editors and managers of this new crop in charge of facts? They, too allowed their political bias to overcome any scruples they might have had.

I am not the only one pondering these facts. Camille Paglia, an atheist, writes in, December, 4, that comparative religion should be installed as core curriculum in every undergraduate program. She avers that without true understanding of the world’s religions no global understanding is possible.

Why would an atheist espouse such a view? Perhaps, she concluded that without grounding in moral god-based tenets, the party in control of the media allows no other view of reality than its own dogma of indoctrination.

Sigrid Weidenweber

Sigrid Weidenweber?grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.? She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.? Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer.?You can find her books on

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