What is the Process to Install a New Monetary System??

“The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.”? Thomas Jefferson




By Alan Myers

  1. The Federal Reserve Acts are laws, they are not Constitutional Amendments.? Therefore, in order to rid ourselves of the disease that is the FED, the FED Acts and all their amendments must be REPEALED.
  1. To accomplish the REPEAL, a sufficient number of elected employees, in the House must vote to REPEAL the Acts.? After the House passes the REPEAL, the Senate must be made to do the same.
  1. To get the House and the Senate to REPEAL, We The People must begin doing what Citizen Owners do when they take care of their own personal businesses, they tell their employees what to do.? In this specific case, it is to REPEAL.
  1. To get the Citizen Owners to act in their own best interests, all People need to begin their own process of Educate – Motivate – Activate and demand the REPEAL.
  1. By reaching this point in the FED ED modules, you can state with pride that you have begun your personal educational process and maintained it with your own motivation.? Your personal education and motivation process must continue to the point where you actually self activate.? This means you will take the bull by the horns, you will tell your elected employees in DC what to do and the only answer you will accept is Yes Mam or Yes Sir.
  1. At the same time that you demand the REPEAL, you will also demand to be informed as to the steps that are necessary and being taken in order to create a proper national monetary system.? A national monetary system that returns the benefits that come with and from Money creation back to We The People where it Rightfully Belongs.

The Take Away – We The People can and must end our massive national problem which is the FED allowing banks to be the sole creators of our national Money Supply.? We The People can make this happen.? Everyday, you must send to your representatives, your elected employees in DC, emails and make phone calls that DEMAND THE REPEAL OF ALL THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACTS.

Alan Myers is a San Diego CPA and forensic accountant.? For 8 years, he has dedicated himself to researching, studying and analyzing the Federal Reserve System, banking and the national debt.? He is a writer, speaker and radio commentator on these and other related topics.? You can contact Alan at:?Alan Myers, CPA?amcpa53@gmail.com

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